Primitive Styles and Designs for Wedding Invites

Unique wedding invitations are a fabulous option for a couple after something different! Everybody expects the same old, standard wedding invitation templates that season after season make an appearance. Missing a unique touch, these wedding invitations don’t stand out from the rest of the run of the mill invitation designs available and will unfortunately not make an impression on your guests! Don’t you wish your wedding can be a truly memorable Sydney affair that serves as inspiration to other brides in the future?  Unleash your creativity and let’s get started with your wedding invites!

Why Primitive Styles?

When you think of primitive, what comes to mind? Monkeys? Evolution? History? Close, but that’s not at all what we’re talking about in this arena. Primitive styles and designs for wedding invites include a broad range of ideas that many have not thought of. A primitive design concept involves going back to the basics in a simplistic, but not quite elegant fashion. It’s simple and basic in a very blank canvas with an eye catching element type of style. You’ll find this is a top design for Sydney weddings and wedding invites. You’re going modern yet remaining somewhat historic at the same time. It’s a unique design that people will be intrigued with far after your wedding day.

Primitive Designs and Effects

Primitive designs and effects for your wedding invitations include an array of types and styles. A basic, worldly font is very popular for this design, while a stencil style font is another winner as well. Your wedding invitation backgrounds can be textured or patterned, and can embellish the influence of jungle life, the tropics or even an “etched” look such as if you were hiking or exploring. This is great for an exotic wedding here in Sydney or a beach wedding that uses these features as embellishments.

Primitive Wedding and Décor

It’s easy to continue with a design and theme this unique and different despite what you many think. Since primitive is more basic and pulls from the most primal elements of nature, your wedding should reflect this as well. It will give the entire wedding theme, style, and design a simple yet “real” flair. Choose country native flowers, plants and greenery for the bridal bouquets and table décor that reflect this theme. Speak with your caterer regarding developing a catering menu that includes a more native, primitive meal. Make it festive with jerk chicken and herbed potatoes or rice that is ethnic, while also being  primitive.

Have fun with this unique wedding theme and enjoy making it your own with these inspiring primitive styles and designs for wedding invitation.

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