Mission for Arts & Crafts Themed Wedding Invitations

In such a busy, fast paced world it’s hard to find the time to sit down and enjoy the simple things in life. Arts and crafts are the perfect way to take a minute to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of doing a recreational project. It also is a great wedding theme idea if you know how to utilise a hobby such as this. We see so many different kinds of weddings and wedding invitations; showcased in Sydney or online on blogs, but how can you make this arts and craft themed wedding your own?

Arts & Crafts Themed Invitations

It’s a bit hard to take a themed wedding like this and make it into a reality. You’ll want to start by searching for some inspiration in Sydney wedding magazines or online wedding invitation sites and blogs. Choose a style font or theme that you love and add on the love of arts and crafts you have. You’ll in turn, create a beautifully themed wedding invitation. You can make your own invitations, or choose a canvas themed wedding invite and add to it arts and crafts icons, decals or give each invitation a hand crafted look – like you’d do in an arts and crafts class. Make it unique, artsy, and an expressive reflection of this theme.

Using Arts and Crafts for Décor

This is such a fun and unique wedding theme; it’s too fun to not to go crazy with! Once you mail your arts and craft themed wedding invitations, make each table represent a different type of art or crafts? These include artistic and crafty hobbies like scrapbooking, pottery, painting, decoupage, and photography. Each table can have a different theme; making this an interactive, unique theme for all. Your ceremony can have a blank canvas in the back of your altar, allowing you to decorate or work with it however you please with an array of artistic mediums and supplies.

Interactive Arts & Crafts Wedding Theme

You’ve most likely had a ball creating your arts and crafts wedding themed invitations and designing this amazing wedding, so why not let your guests enjoy this type of craft fun as well? At each table, have your guests work on a piece of art or a small, affordable craft during “down time” at the wedding. At many weddings, guests are waiting for photos to be over, food lines to clear, or the dance floor to open up, so give them a tiny craft to work on. This can be used to collaborate with a bigger piece for your home to remember them by or for them to take home as a memento of the occasion!

An arts and crafts themed wedding is one of the most creative and unique wedding themes we’ve seen all year. If planning on implementing an idea such as this, be sure to inspire and submit your photos and ideas to Sydney wedding blogs, sites, and online communities so Sydney brides and online audiences can enjoy it all—from your wedding invitations, to the décor, ending with the memories.

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